Thursday, October 05, 2006

So, I got a new job! I figured before I start worrying about the new challenges ahead we ought to celebrate. That’s what these pictures are about!

Sorry for those of you who couldn’t make it. At least you didn’t loose at the Roulette, like the rest of us…

Trevor celebrated the fact that he was not the first one to run out of money, pardon, chips!

But these two had a strategy to win.... I hear Max fell for it.

Yeap, we all love belgian chocolats. Thanks Estelle!!!!


The champagne was VERY nice!

Manolas! Estelle, you can stop laughing now...

Toothpicks, what toothpicks?!

Trevor looks very worried about this cork!

Shirley saw the light!

This was the beginning of the laugh attacks. The ones after the "shot his own ear to see what would happen" were more difficult to control, thanks to Phil! Great laughs.

Jose tried to follow the ball in the Roulette one time too many...

How come the girls are the ones on the floor?

Sarah and Andrew, our newcomers!

It all got a bit foggy when we started mixing french and portuguese wines...

The champagne effect on Isabelle!

Andrew left earlier so he took an extra one for the way!

We were all so happy whilst loosing...

Two Ricardos and a blind man. Could be a film.

Three portuguese and three quarters.